Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Chemical Product PrizePurple PrizeYacht PrizeWebsite Prize
Annual Awards PrizeGlobal Awards PrizeLiterature PrizeExposition Prize
Prime PrizeCreation PrizeTalents PrizeFaculty Prize
Architectural Design PrizeAccomplished PrizeAwards PrizeGreatest Architects Prize
Greatest Architecture PrizeGreatest Talents PrizeTop Artists PrizeSeals Prize
DesignPreis PrizeDesignPrix PrizeInspiring PrizeTop Designers Prize
Pioneers PrizeDiligence of Technology PrizeDesignprix PrizeEnergy Products Prize
Research Proposals PrizeArchitecture Projects PrizeShortlisted PrizeArt Portfolio Prize
Architectural Projects PrizeBeauty Products PrizeRed Goods PrizeTransparent Goods Prize
Black Goods PrizeAlmanacs PrizeDesign for Future PrizeInstitutional Prize
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