Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Creativity PrizeArtistic PrizeReady-Made PrizeClothing Prize
Icon PrizeYoung PrizeUrban Creations PrizeAsian Prize
Industrial PrizeManufacturing Machinery PrizeItalian PrizeMagnificient Prize
Journal PrizeTalents PrizeAccomplished PrizeArchitects Prize
Indicator of Good Design PrizeAwards' PrizeArchitecture Art and Design PrizeDesignPreis Prize
Excellent PrizePortfolio PrizePortfolios PrizeResearch Proposals Prize
Art Works PrizeEntertainment Products PrizeLandscape PrizeExhibition Prize
Art Events PrizeAcademical PrizeTradefair PrizeTradefair Centers Prize
Cosmetics and Beauty Products PrizeRed Goods PrizeBlue Goods PrizeDictionary Prize
Digital Devices PrizeInteraction Design PrizeEngineering PrizeInstitutional Prize
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